Diamonds in the Rough

Diamonds in the Rough is a family-owned training facility and instructional school for both baseball and softball players of all ages. Our professionally staffed instructors are at the top of their game providing private, semi-private, and group lessons in the areas of hitting, pitching, and fielding.

We believe one-on-one instruction is key to help players develop self-confidence and sound mechanics to perform at a high level.  Diamonds in the Rough offers ongoing training programs designed to help players become better prepared for their current season, the next season, and to ultimately elevate their skills to the next level.  In addition to the private and group lesson plans, Diamonds in the Rough field space, hitting tunnels (2), pitching mounds (2), offer individuals and teams the best practice options available in a 7,500 square-foot controlled environment.

Please come by and check out our facility, meet our instructors, and join our family!  We look forward to seeing you at Diamonds in the Rough Academy soon where “Players are Made!”



“My son has worked with Bob Reichow consistently since he was 7 years old. Today he is 11, and thanks to a lot of hard work and the terrific instruction from Bob he has developed into one of the best pitchers in his age group. His success is directly related to Bob’s instruction, including his first no-hitter at the age of 10. I would never consider trusting my son’s pitching future to anyone else.” - Ken D., Batavia, OH

“Our boys, Luke (14 years old) and Ted (12 years old), have been working with Jay for a few years.  We love the way that Jay breaks down the mechanics of batting, so the boys are aware of where their body needs to be and how to react to the ball when pitched.  We’ve noticed that the boys have had more quality at-bats, and mentally are prepared each time they step up to the plate.  It’s fun to watch the boys approach their at-bats with confidence!” – Steve & Beth Weber

“Bob has worked with my two boys for over four years. The progress that my sons make from year to year and lesson to lesson is absolutely amazing. We have a 45 to 50 minute drive but yet my kids look forward to going to their lessons and have a great experience each time they are there. We can go to Bob in the middle of the season and he is able to fix any problems with mechanics they may have, usually within the first five minutes of the lesson. Every youth pitcher in the Cincinnati area should take lessons from Bob.” - Jon Crall

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